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About Us

About Us


PUNNAMMA PHYSIOTHERAPY AND REHABILITATION CENTRE started with a team of Physiotherapists with the passion and desire to achieve the best results for their patients regardless of their age or problem. We provide in-patient rehabilitation with treatments aimed at reaching the optimal functional levels along with the out-patient services for the clients/patients in need of Physiotherapy.

The core values of Punnamma Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre are:

1. The highest standards of care

Our physiotherapists deliver effective and efficient treatment, using advanced techniques. We deliver the best in personalized care with one-on-one treatments.

2. Client Centred Care with a focus on getting you results

We work with each client to determine their specific goals. We explain the nature of their condition as it applies to the treatment and assessment approach, the expected results and education regarding prevention of reoccurrence. Continuous reassessment by the physiotherapist ensures progress towards the goals and treatment is modified as necessary.

We strive to have our clients feel comfortable in discussing their concerns with us so that their expectations are being met.

Our Physiotherapists are skilled at:

  • Performing a thorough assessment to determine the source of problems, prioritizing the concerns and educating the patient in the steps to be taken to reach treatment goals
  • Providing comprehensive treatment programming in a variety of settings (in the clinic & home)
  • Helping with pain relief (diminish pain)
  • Improving range of motion and strength
  • Setting up individual programs.
  • Utilizing techniques to correct posture, alignment and moving abnormalities
  • Getting the results that you are looking to achieve so that your day to day life is easier than it was before you started therapy!